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Purchasing as Bare Ownership: This type of investment is based on the separation of ownership into “bare ownership” and “usufruct”.

An investment in bare ownership offers the best outlook in performance in a fully secure climate. The buyer receives, in the form of an immediate reduction of 40% on the purchase price, the equivalent of all updated rents, net of costs, taxes and charges, that he would have collected over the period had he invested in full ownership. No hidden expenses or risks. At the end of the temporary usufruct, the bare-owner immediately becomes the full owner. The net gain results from the free and automatic recovery of the usufruct, to which is added the re-evaluation of the property over the whole period.

At the same time, the usufruct is acquired for a fixed term (15 to 17 years) by an institutional investor who collects the rent and manages rental. Over the whole period, this investor is responsible for all costs, work and taxes. At the end of the usufruct, the original investor automatically and free of charge, recovers full ownership of his property, maintained and renovated.


  • You pay only 60% of the properly price
  • You invest in a prime location such as Paris, Lyon, Provence, Cote d’Azur …
  • You have no charge to pay during the lease period
  • You have to tax to pay during the lease period
  • Your property is managed and maintained by the institutional landlord
  • Exit strategy clear and simple – you recover the full usage of your property at the end of the lease

Property Law

  • Code général des impôts (article 885 G modifié par l’art 13 de la LF 2013)
  • LOI n° 2008-1443 du 30 décembre 2008 de finances rectificative pour 2008

Show Case

Mr Paul purchases a flat in Paris under the bare ownership scheme  for € 120 000 (property price €200 000). The property is lease for 15 years to a institutional landlord.  Based on the inflation and capital appreciation  being 1.5% per year , here the value and gain at the end of the 15 years.


Value of the property €311 590
Price paid €120 000
Capital gain tax  €191 590
Annual return/year 10,64%

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